About Us

At the Center for Medical Rejuvenation, we proudly offer a series of services for patients throughout the area. Our hormone therapy treatments in Palm Harbor, FL, are designed to enhance your health for life. Located in our new Palm Harbor office, The Center for Medical Rejuvenation offers medically supervised bioidentical hormone replacement therapy designed to help you restore your quality of life. Along with treating a number of health issues, hormone therapy can also help to reverse the aging process by improving common skin symptoms like dryness and wrinkles.

Not only will our treatments help you to feel healthier and more energetic, but it will also help you to look your very best. By safely restoring a patient's hormone levels, we can treat a number of conditions, such as migraines, weight issues, depression, and much more. Hormone therapy has been shown to improve metabolism and energy, create lean body mass and decrease fat mass. Combined with our total patient care approach, you will be able to safely and permanently reach your health, fitness, and weight loss goals.

Our Staff

Gina Pastore

Gina Pastore, ARNP-C, MSN, ABAAHP
Board Certified Anti-Aging Specialist
Program Director of Center for Medical Rejuvenation

Dr. Witfill

Kristin J. Witfill, DO, FAOCD
Co-Director of Center for Medical Rejuvenation

Dr. Miller

Richard A. Miller, DO, FAOCD
Co-Director of Center for Medical Rejuvenation

Contact us to learn about the benefits of hormone therapy treatments for your condition. Our team offers solutions for patients throughout the area.